PPC Playbook Episode 17: How To Work With Low Search Volume

PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts, Shane Ryans. Episode 17 presents several solutions to marketing a product or service with low search volume due to a lack of demand or low product awareness. The PPC Pros discuss several approaches to solving the low search volume problem.

Here are some ways to combat low search volume:

  • Experiment with near matches in AdWords to get in front of origination traffic (Pro Tip: Don’t use dynamic insertion in these ads)

  • Create Display campaigns using targeted placements

  • Utilize YouTube how-to videos, an often under-used marketing secret

  • If you’re already doing email marketing, try to apply the same approach to a direct mail campaign with similar targeting segments

  • Get creative with old-school guerrilla marketing and affiliate marketing

To learn more about Display Network placements and YouTube Advertising visit the PPC Professionals AdWords Best Practices Tutorial.

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