PPC Playbook Episode 26: Wordplay Research for Multiple Meaning Keywords

PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts, Shane Ryans. Episode 26 unites the PPC Professionals, including occasional co-host Dustin Miller, to share their insight on keyword research strategies for multiple meaning keywords. The more meanings a word has, the harder it is to convert on it. For example, the keyword ‘Apple’, world-renowned leading tech company, or the fruit used in baking apple pies? The Professionals thoroughly review ways to avoid the dangers associated with multiple meaning keywords as well as provide real-world examples of each in action.

  • Beware of Broad and Broad Match Modifier. Broad modifier can rearrange your keyword order as well as inject words in between your selected keywords, bringing a whole new meaning to the words you originally selected. Broad match can drop entire words from a search query that may have been required to avoid your ads displaying for the alternative/irrelevant meaning of your keywords.

  • Do your research. You must first determine which ambiguous words/phrases may be a problem. A good old-fashioned brainstorming session, thesaurus and historical data in the account (if applicable), including past SQRs will give you a good idea of areas of concern.

  • Build a list, check it twice. Once you’ve done your research and have a list of all your target terms, be sure to segment all your problematic keywords and keep them in separate Ad Groups. You can then decide whether or not to use Broad match types on your multiple meaning keywords. Note: Listen to Episode 1 for an in-depth explanation of match types, account structure and advanced segmentation.

  • Use keyword qualifiers. The keywords “buy,” “purchase,” or “pay” can be used to pre-qualify potential customers and will convert at a much higher rate.

  • Use ad qualifiers. Your text ads can help pre-qualify traffic and help avoid irrelevant clicks. Include a message that is going to speak to the customer you want to target and dissuade the person who is looking for a product or service you don’t offer. Pro Tip: Dynamic Keyword Insertion is a big no-no in cases dealing with multiple meaning keywords! Listen to Episode 7 for a review on creating powerful text ads, and Episode 24 for how to effectively manage CPA.

For a more in-depth analysis of keyword match type segmentation and keyword relevance, refer to the PPC Account Structure Case Study which includes examples and actual results, written by PPC Professionals.

PPC Playbook provides an interactive and friendly atmosphere for pay-per-click managers to get their industry news fix and questions answered. Subscribers can Tweet their PPC-related questions to @ppcplaybook or comment below.


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