PPC Playbook Episode 6: Advanced Tracking with Analytics Expert Feras Alhlou

PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC expert Shane Ryans. Episode 6 dives deeper into Google Analytics with advanced conversion tracking concepts. In case you missed it, listen to Episode 5 for a basic understanding of Google Analytics and how to link Adwords to Google Analytics for better reporting. Plus, don’t miss learning the reason behind Shane’s comical childhood nickname and what country Maria originally hails from.

Episode 6 guest Feras Alhlou is President of E-Nor (a Google Analytics Certified Partner) and has been featured on the Google Analytics Blog on the topic of Cohort Analysis. Shane and Maria discuss the following analytics topics with Feras:

  • Goal types
  • Event tracking
  • Assigning a conversion value to goals
  • Reconciling data between analytics platforms
  • Analytics hacks
  • Upgrading to Universal Analytics
  • Implementing lifetime value of a customer
  • Cohort analysis
  • Using live chat to boost sales, conversion rates and average order value

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