PPC Playbook Episode 1: AdWords Account Structure Best Practices

PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts Shane Ryans. Episode One reveals how to properly structure and segment your AdWords account to produce the most conversions at the lowest cost per acquisition. Shanediscuss the benefits of segmenting accounts by match type and the importance of converting all broad match keywords to modified broad match. Also, gain control of your account and determine how to properly route traffic to the most relevant Ad Group using negative keyword lists.

To accompany this first episode, PPC Professionals has further explained the benefits of proper Adwords account structure in a case study featuring an e-commerce website using real examples and exemplifying their positive results. See the case study here: Reduce AdWords CPA Over 60% With Strategic Segmentation

PPC Playbook provides an interactive and friendly atmosphere for pay-per-click managers to get their industry news fix and questions answered. Subscribers can Tweet their PPC-related questions to @ppcplaybook and receive answers on future episodes.

For advanced management strategies, visit our AdWords Best Practices Tutorial. We offer a free PPC Audit and are available to speak with you if you’d like an evaluation of your current PPC account.

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