PPC Playbook Episode 21: Ad Extensions, Often Underused and Sometimes Abused

PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts, Shane Ryans. Episode 21 features PPC Professionals’ own Dustin Miller to review the use of Ad Extensions and explain which are best suited to create the most impact for your business. If used correctly, Ad Extensions can increase overall CTR which in turn improves the quality score.

The Pros discuss the application of the following Ad Extensions as well as how and when to use them effectively:

  • Callout extensions – Add an extra line of text to your ads and spotlight additional USPs you wish to showcase that might’ve not made the character-count cut (ProTip: Create no less than four callout extensions that are between 12-15 characters for the optimum amount of callouts to appear)

  • Sitelinks – Provide extra links at the top and bottom of Google search results to specific relevant pages within your website (Google experiments show a 30% increase in CTR when sitelinks were in use)

  • Reasons against using sitelinks – Generic sitelinks or instances where the sitelink landing page is not a good converting page will have a negative effect on your conversion rate

  • Call extensions – Track phone call conversions down to the ad group and keyword level with Google forwarding numbers (these are most valuable for mobile ads because of the featured call button)

  • Seller ratings – Increase your credibility and authority amongst your competition, best for ecommerce websites

  • Upgraded location extensions – Great for businesses with a physical location, can increase CTR by 10% (all accounts will be upgraded by November 2014)

To learn more about ad extensions and writing great ads, visit the PPC Professionals AdWords Best Practices Tutorial.

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