PPC Playbook Episode 23: New PPC Features from AdWords & Bing

PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts, Shane Ryans. Episode 23 introduces a recent update to AdWords allowing for real-time updates to existing ads using dynamic insertion. In other PPC News, Bing launches a new Campaign Planner, Dynamic Sitelinks, tablet-related device targeting updates and begins testing a new visitor counter within ads. Listen as the Pros take you through each new update and explain exactly how they are affecting your PPC campaigns.

  • Dynamic ads with real-time updates: AdWords now allows you to customize ads based on the users search or website they are viewing. Ad customizers can insert a keyword, display the time left before a sale ends and other highly relevant information. This helps to avoid the markup from Google on your CPCs and the dip in quality score when updating ads with relevant content and time sensitive sales. Be sure to listen to this episode for great use cases for ad customizers. Roll out began in late September and by now everyone should have access to this feature. See Adwords’ help section for more info on how to set up ad customizers.

  • Bing dynamic sitelinks: Similar to the dynamic sitelinks released for AdWords in July, this feature produces notations on what your website offers alongside your ads that do not have sitelink extensions set up. Also, listen to Episode 21 for a more in-depth explanation of sitelinks and possible setbacks.

  • Bing campaign planner: Provides vertical insights and competitor information collected from both Yahoo! and Bing. This tool can help advertisers make better informed decisions for keywords and search traffic patterns based on collected data.

  • Tablet-related device targeting updates: Bing consolidates their targeting categories (desktop, tablet and mobile) to two options: desktop and tablet separate from mobile (similar to AdWords). The decision was sparked from Bing’s findings of similar consumer behavior on both tablets and desktop, and its strive for greater efficiency within Bing Ads.

  • Top Ad Annotations: Bing has begun testing new ad alerts that display the number of monthly visits to an advertiser’s website based off traffic through the Bing/Yahoo Network.

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