PPC Playbook Episode 25: Remarketing 101, Plus Plenty of Pro Tips

PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts, Shane Ryans. Episode 25 breaks down the process of remarketing, how to set up these types of campaigns to correctly target audiences at each step in the conversion process, and how to ultimately bring customers back into the conversion funnel. Shane and Maria review campaign setup basics, for example use cases, advantages of creating audiences, custom combinations, and dynamic remarketing.

Your AdWords Remarketing 101 Guide:

  • Use product-specific ads and ad groups: Display the actual product or product category in your remarketing ads, this tends to be more effective than just displaying branded ads and will increase conversion rates. Pro Tip: Use offers and special promotions as a competitive edge to get the user back to complete the purchase.

  • Create Audiences to include and exclude users: Usually, when a customer completes a purchase you’ll want to exclude them from your remarketing campaigns because they have already bought from you. Pro Tip: The best way to do this is by placing the remarketing tracking code on every page of your website, then create audiences in AdWords for “includes” and “excludes.”

  • Member duration and frequency capping: Avoid coming off as intrusive and stalkerish to your audience! Member duration is how long you choose to store the targeting cookie on a user’s computer (the maximum is 180 days). To figure what length the tracking cookie should be, check out the Time Lag report in Adwords (more info in Episode 14). Frequency capping is how often you’d like the user to see your ad during a certain time period. Pro Tip: You may find lowering the frequency cap brings in less clicks but increases conversions.

  • BONUS Facebook Remarketing: Use Facebook remarketing to reach more people and increase your chance of conversions. Pro Tip: You can target existing customers using their email address on Facebook. Listen to Episode 15 for a full explanation on how to get the most out of Facebook advertising and remarketing.

To learn more about AdWords Remarketing visit the PPC Professionals AdWords Best Practices Tutorial. We’re here to help, if you have any questions about remarketing, let us know, we are offering a Free PPC Audit for a limited time.

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