PPC Playbook Episode 29: Local PPC Strategy for Multiple Locations

PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts, Shane Ryans. Episode 29 presents a detailed plan of action on managing a PPC account for businesses with multiple locations. Dustin and Maria review various local PPC strategies to effectively manage these type of accounts and market each location to its correct audience:

  • Location targeting setup: Decide on your targeting method, this can be based on state, city, zip code, radius around a location or other variations. Determine if there are any locations you want to exclude (perhaps your business does not serve a particular area). Tip: It’s important to not fall into the “Set it and forget it” mindset. Revisit these settings in a few months and see what’s converting and what isn’t.

  • Conversion tracking: Conversion tracking should not be an option but a requirement. Choose a way to track conversions that makes the most sense for your type of business, whether it’s a form submission, ‘Schedule a Visit’ button, live chat feature or a phone call.

  • Campaign structure: Segment your campaigns by business location, this will allow you to track data more efficiently. Setup call extensions for each location for more enhanced call tracking.

  • Possible over-segmentation issues: You may not know if you’ll experience problems associated with over-segmentation until they occur. No one can be certain what will work and what won’t from the get-go, stick with a decision for a month or two then make a change and compare the data from the previous month. If over segmentation issues occur, group them back together again. If low search volume proves to be the issue, review Episode 17 to combat low search volume problems.

  • Account and on-page optimization strategies: Make your business address and operating hours extremely clear to the user, consider including a visual map. Follow landing page optimization strategies discussed in Episode 19 and as recommended by SiteTuners CEO, Tim Ash.

A step-by-step guide and PPC Best Practices Tutorial is available at PPCProfessionals.com.

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