PPC Playbook Episode 30: Benefits of PPC for Small Businesses

PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts, Shane Ryans. Episode 30 convinces all Small Businesses that PPC advertising is essential to the success of their online marketing plan. The Professionals outline each way your small biz can greatly benefit from using Google AdWords to hone in on generating qualified traffic to your landing page, website, or front steps of your business location. Don’t have a website set up? You can still gain qualified traffic using AdWords Express to your free Google Business Listing without having to build a website.

Why You Need PPC for Your Small Business:

  • There are no “spray and pray” tactics involved when using AdWords. Sure, television ads may get your business in front of millions but it’s all timing- the consumer may not be looking to buy your product/service at that moment, turning it into a wasted ad. PPC ads get your business in front of the consumer who has expressed intent to buy when they’re ready to buy.

  • Traditional marketing methods are dying. Phone books, newspaper ads and direct mail are the advertising ways of the past. Did you know, only 30% of Americans will use a phone book to lookup an address or phone number? Don’t waste your money or time with this type of marketing method.

  • AdWords does not require a minimum commitment from you. There is no long-term agreement, simply pay for what you budget. Unlike advertising with most other traditional marketing methods, which require a minimum commitment to have your ad listed.

  • You have the ability to zone in on a specific target location. Show your ads to consumers near your business location, target them as close as a five-mile radius for example. Be sure to review Episode 29 covering local PPC and how to handle targeting for a multiple-location business.

  • It is possible to get in front of your competitor’s traffic. You must follow safe text ad guidelines of course (no use of Dynamic Keyword Insertion, do not use competitor’s name in the ad, etc.). This will help build brand awareness and allow you to gain more exposure faster.

  • Retarget consumers who have visited your website and show them your ad again in the future. With AdWords retargeting, you are able to track consumers who have visited your website before and gently remind them of the products/services you offer to reel them back into the conversion funnel. Traditional marketing methods cannot do this!

  • See what’s performing well and what’s not. The beauty of digital marketing is there is no guesswork involved when making decisions on what is working and what’s not. AdWords allows you to view your ad’s performance with a plethora of gathered data so you can make informed choices on what marketing strategies to pull the plug on and what to keep.

A step-by-step guide and PPC Best Practices Tutorial is available at PPCProfessionals.com.

PPC Playbook provides an interactive and friendly atmosphere for pay-per-click managers to get their industry news fix and questions answered. Subscribers can Tweet their PPC-related questions to @ppcplaybook or comment below.

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